Gospel Truth & Sustainable Help

A little about Singing Rooster: Singing Rooster partners commercially with small farmers and producers in Haiti to build better businesses and simultaneously re-introducing the world to fabulous Haitian products. Singing Rooster is a nonprofit and is member of the Fair Trade Federation, but it is bigger than #fairtrade or direct trade coffee; they have built inroads to the first world markets on behalf of farmers for nearly a decade. We always re-invest all of our proceeds for this and all donations to Mercy International with all people we are helping including, but not limited to, the artisans, students and farmers to build businesses. A little history...In Haiti, Heirloom Arabica Typica Coffee plants have produced rare, specialty coffee for centuries. Haiti was once one of the world’s greatest producers of coffee; Singing Rooster is helping put #haitiancoffee back on the map, and now Mercy International is too. This year, try buying Haitian for some of your Christmas gifts. Any sales help Mercy International help educate the poorest of the poor to help themselves sustainably. Now Mercy International can help with this program, along with others that we are also working on. Please check this link to help us help others: